Midnite Warrior

A Superhero for the Ages

Who is Midnite Warrior?

Who is Midnite Warrior. I personally created The Midnite Warrior when I was very young. I have always loved the idea of Super heroes. I mean why not, who wouldn't want to be able to be extremely powerful and superior. But, the idea of Superman, which I do not own, being virtually industructible and such a perfect person irritated me. As far as I am concerned nobody even a super hero is perfect. I understand why the creator of Superman, not me, made him or any super hero made by anyone like that. There are supposed to be a role model and someone everyone can relate with as, but that is not what I want with a super hero with real problems, not ones like losing there powers, or not being able to find a super hero name. I believe that problems should be more caused by there pain and suffering they go through, a legitiment problem is the fact that a super hero, though be it a full time job you don't get paid for. A real problem is the idea that you could steal money, turn evil, just to put food on the table or to by his family something they need. Now not all super heroes are like this a few examples that I do not own are Spawn and Blade. Back to the original question, Midnite Warrior is a teenager whose origin will remain a mystery until later, that has certain abilities obtained at birth and is awakened by a great tradegy in his family. He swears to avenge said tradegy and so he starts. That is a very very brief description of who he and why I made him.